1. This is a vocabulary activity. Tick a synonym expression. Do not use a dictionary.

Why do this?
     To enlarge your vocabulary.
     To learn to deduce the meaning of a word from its context.
     To use your logic in order to understand English.

1. "I am very pleased to have a pen pal in Spain because everybody I know seems to like this country".
A. happy.
B. depressed.
C. nervous.


2. "Well you probably know Paris or, at least, you may have seen pictures of it so I would like to take this opportunity to tell you a few things about Heidelberg".
A. when travelling.
B. surely.
C. on television.

3. "When I was little I used to ride my bicycle to go to school in the town".
A. repair
B. walk
C. cycle

4. …"there are a lot of water canals running alongside its narrow streets. So, when I was 10, I used to take off my sandals…
A. as a consecuence.
B. because
C. then

5. …and paddle in them".
A. Play with my school friends.
B. Sit on my sandals.
C. Walk in the canals.

6. "Well, firstly I can say I am quite outspoken and frank. I like meeting new people…".
A. cheerful
B. open and talkative
C. reserved

7. "I'm hardworking and sensible. However, I must admit I am very proud and a little absent-minded."
A. 2 positive adjectives and 2 negative ones
B. 2 negative aspects and 2 positive ones
C. 4 positive adjectives

8. "You said you're quite a sporty person. Then I can safely say that we're two of a kind because I enjoy jogging in the evenings and I also go to the mountains at weekends".
A. we're similar
B. we are nice
C. we write about the sports we do

9. "I'd also like to try the regional Spanish food (like the potato, omelette or fabada) because they say it's healthy and tasty".
A. 2 negative adjectives to describe food.
B. 2 positive adjectives to describe food.
C. 1 positive and 1 negative adjectives.

10. "At the moment I am teaching German at a secondary school on the outskirts of Paris but I'm thinking of changing jobs because this one's TOO hard".
A. out of the city
B. in the town centre
C. in a campus of Paris University




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