2. In the diary extracts you have just read above there are a number of common mistakes that have been spotted. Write the sentences again after correcting them.

Why do this? Spotting mistakes and thinking of how they should be corrected may help you correct your own mistakes when you revise your drafts in the future.  


Carla's diary:
    My friend is young than me but…
    he born on a boat when they…
    He almost dead.

Nadine's diary:
    I woke up really soon in the morning
    We talked about our plans for the summer. We drive to the south of Italy (Sicily)
    Two of us came back home and baked a tasty chocolate sponge cake. After, we made some tea...

Kaarin's diary:
    Today it has been a hard but rewarding work day so I feel great actually

Kostas's diary:
    Today I had to take some serious decisions about my work. From now on, I will not spend more than 2 hours
    I will take a 15 min break
    I will take more time for lunch

Carles's diary:

    Today I wake up at 6.15 a.m.
    I had a shower and after have a huge breakfast,
    At midday I usually have lunch with my woman
    it is probably the best time of the day because we manage always to create a very peaceful and relaxed atmosphere
    After some time one of us has to get to the nursery school to catch our son
    our son, in spite of being lovely, is so active and tiring that we end up feeling like a duck after travelling a long long journey from cold Europe to warm Africa



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