The OLOA Project

3. (TW) Discussion

Click on this Radio News Questionnaire, choose some questions and discuss.

4. (PW) Radio Days: is radio a powerful tool?

Look at these photographs. Describe them to your partner. What do they have in common? Click here to see the answer.

Now go back to the images, click on them and read the texts. Do the general comprehension questions when you finish.

5. (PW) Radio Words.

Have a look at the Basic Radio Glossary. Here you will find most of the radio-related words used in this webquest. You can always use online dictionaries from the Reference Links.

How many new words did you see? Do the vocabulary exercise.

6. (IW/PW) Optional activity. Radio World: a mind map.

What is a Mind Map? Click here if you want to build your own Mind map on the radio-related words.

7. (IW) Your first audio: radio and you.

Click here and write 4/5 lines about your experience in this first step of the webquest. When you finish, record and save it.

Use Audacity. Click on the links provided if you need help.

Save the file as uap project (Audacity project) and as mp3.

8. (TW) Create your Team Blog

Create a team blog to upload your audio files and activities. You can use Blogger.

Upload the role chart (activity 2) and your 4 audio files (activity 7) to your blog. You can use Scribd for documents and Goear, ListenGo (it creates a special embed code for Blogger)or Esnips for audio files.

(IW) Self-assessment 1: radio world.

Fill in the self-assessment grid 1.

(TW) Editorial meeting 1: team organization.

Now join your team and share everything you have done. Fill in Editorial meeting 1. When you finish, you can create your team blog.

Now go on to STEP 2

Step 1: radio world
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Basic-radio glossary
Reference links
Useful language
6 hours