The OLOA Project


Team Roles

Let's start! Form teams of 4 people and think of a name for your radio. Do activities 1 and 2 as a team (TW).

1. A Journalistic Team: West Acton High School in London

What is an Editorial Team or a Journalistic team?

Watch this video (edited from Teacher's TV) and see how students in West Acton High School in West London form their own journalistic teams and distribute their roles. Answer the questions:

  1. How many people are there in the journalistic team?
  2. Mention the 7 roles the students will perform.
  3. Where will the students post their work?


2. Your roles

Each of you will concentrate on different news. Now you have to choose your role. Have a look at the four possible roles and discuss it with your team mates. Complete the role grid .

Individual Process Diary

The Individual Process Diary is a personal diary about the activities you do. It will help you think about what you are doing and see how you can improve things. You have to complete it individually every day when you finish the session.

Complete activities 1 and 2. When you finish, move on to the steps.

There are 4 different steps to complete the task. In Step 1 you'll learn some interesting things about radio, in Step 2 you'll learn how to write and broadcast your script, in Step 3 you'll work individually and prepare your own piece of news and finally, in Step 4, you'll join your team to prepare and edit the final bulletin. Go through them in the order they are presented. Follow the instructions and don't start an activity if you haven't finished the previous one. Now you can move on to Step 1. Enjoy!

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