The OLOA Project

11. You are in charge of the entertainment desk. This can include any story related to films, books, extra activities in your school, sport, etc.

Now that you know how to write a script, let's start. Go back to the Treasure Hunt if you have any doubts on how to write it.

a) Choose your story

It's your job to choose a good story. Finding the best story is not an easy task. Here there are some points you can consider:

Download the Source Chart from your team blog and browse through the most appropriate web pages to find your story.

When you know your story, tell the editor in your team and have Editorial meeting 3 to discuss about the stories you've chosen.

b) Analyse your story using this chart and plan your script using the Planning chart.

c) Create your own script for the story. A journalist normally reads 3 words to a second. Your script should be about 30 seconds so calculate the number of words you need. The script template will help you. When you finish, create your script. Remember the tips we gave you in How can I write my script ?

d) Add vox-pops if you have any. Talk to the editor of your team.

e) Add background effects. Talk to the editor. He'll help you with that.

f) Record and edit the script. Remember the tips we gave you in How can i broadcast my script ?

(IW) Self-assessment 3: my script.

Fill in the self-assessment grid 3. You've completed the assessment sheet. Can you improve your work?

g) Create your final version and save it as uap file and as mp3 file. Save it in the team's folder. Tell the editor in your team when you've saved it.

You have almost finished now!!!! Edit your final bulletin. Go to STEP 4.

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