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Let's become radio journalists

Did you listen to the BBC Worldclass News Bulletin?

Don't worry. You don't have to understand everything, just listen to the way the person speaks!

To broadcast means 'to send out a radio programme'. Speaking as if you were on the radio is easier than we think. You don't have to be afraid, even if you think you don't have a 'radio voice'. What you say and how you say it is very individual. However, here you have some reading aloud tips which can help you:

  • You are reading but sound as spontaneous as possible. Read as if you were talking to someone.
  • Careful with speed. Read and listen to the BBC newsreader. Pay attention to reading speed.
  • Speak clearly. Listeners will not go back and hear what you have just said in the way he would do in a newspaper. In a newspaper, the reader selects the stories he reads but here you have made the selection for them. They only listen ONCE.
  • Stress the key words and pay attention to your intonation. Click the Pronunciation Reference links section to practice.
  • Talk to yourself. Speak to yourself as you write. Sit at your computer and start talking the story to yourself and say it aloud! Adapt the text if you think of an easier way to say something. If you use your own words, speaking will be easier.
  • Read your report to another person in the team and ask for feedback
  • Check that all technology is working before recording.
  • Check the time. Keep an eye on the clock.
  • Practice a lot before you record your final version.

Sound effects and music

They make your story more interesting and help the listener understand the content. The editor/presenter of your group will pre-select some options.

You can use:

a) Background effects for your individual scripts. They recreate the atmosphere of the place where the story can take place.

b) Jingles for the bulletin, which become part of the story. They keep your work alive and give continuity. You can make different versions of the jingle to start and finish and probably use some short adapted versions (2-3 seconds) in between. They can be played at intervals, separating the news.

How can I broadcast my script?
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