r158 Exeter point, point X(858), inverse points
r162 homothetic triangles, tangent circles
r123 orthocenter
r167 Steiner line, inconic
r194 poristic triangles, incircle, inverse points, perspective
r207 circumcenter, pedal triangle, isogonal points
r215 isogonal points, circumconic
r223 Johnson triangle, symmedian lines
r232 Lemoine line, Brocard circle, ninecircle, tripolar, orthic axis, cevian quotient, centroid, point X(125),retrocenter, radical axis
r236 Simson line
r246 isogonal points
r243 isogonal of the infinite point
r242 perspective, orthogonal circles
r250 centroid, Fermat axis, Tarry point, point X(110)
r263 orthopole, Simson line
r264 orthocenter, Simson line, ninecircle
r268 orthocenter
r269 Apollonian circles, orthogonal circles
r285 Kenmotu points, Lemoine circles
d points X(1113)-X(1114)
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
11 12 13