r784 point X(574), Moses circle
r788 circumconic, centroid, medial triangle
r795 Brocard circle, Parry circle, Brocard line, radical center
r796 excircles, extouch triangle
d Evans perspector
r812 isotomic points
r815 Lucas circles, tangent circles
r833 Miquel associate point
r845 medians, symmedian lines, orthic axis
r847 orthocenter, Simson line, isogonal of the infinite point
r858 circumconic, antigonal points, anticomplement
r859 Steiner point, centroid, Steiner circumellipse
r890 tripolar, isogonal points, incircle, point X(55), cevian quotient, Mittenpunkt
r891 incircle, anticomplement, orthoassociate points
r892 Simson line, isogonal lines
r896 ninecircle, MacBeath conic
r899 excircles, circumcenter, excenters, tangential triangle
r905 circumcenter, Simson line, isogonal points
r911 Stammler circles, circumtangential triangle, homothetic triangles
r913 Stammler circles, Stammler hyperbola, circumcenter
r936 pedal triangle, Gob point
r941 circumcevian triangle, circumcenter
r963 circumcevian triangle, circumcenter, harmonic points, inverse points
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