We're really proud of the great effort the involved school students made when we decided to turn this famous film into a play. We just got the film script and started reading it and giving the parts according to the students' skills and their determination to do their best.  We still keep the naïve leaflet  we printed for the event.
It was a lot of fun to create the sound and light effects for the play, as well as the props. We had to get background sounds such as cannon fire for the Paris flashback , sirens and sound of a flying plane going to Lissbon, sound of crickets for a night scene, a menacing German voice through some loudspeakers, car doors slamming, car and plane engines starting, guns and the like. We also used four old songs:

As Time Goes by,   by Hupfeld and Steiner
Ain't Misbehavin,   by Razaf, Brooks and Waller
Then You'll Remember,  by Balfe
Casablanca,   by Max Steiner

We got hold of one of those black boxes that pour out smoke, and that was very useful to create a dreamy atmosphere for the flashbacks and a lot of fog for the final airport scene. White, red and green lights were used, a lot of props, and a cardboard piano with wheels. Costumes were hired, though we couldn't afford the true army uniforms of the time.

Three pupils performed as Rick , two as Ilsa and two as Renault. The cast was as follows:
  • Rick   J.A. Uroz   E. Palacios   J. Monton
  • Ilsa   E.M. Ruiz   L.Vegas
  • Victor   J.M. Roca
  • Strasser   M. Comadran
  • Renault   M.J. Perez   J. Torrequebrada
  • Sam   M.J. Dionisio
  • Waiter   S. Lopez
  • Ugarte   M. Arevalo
  • Ferrari   A. Sanchez
  • Berger   A. Sanchez
  • Young Lady   L. Nieto
  • Customer   J.M. Carabante
  • Officer   J.M. Carabante
  • Most of the scenes take place at Rick's bar, so it wasn't difficult to turn the film script into a play script.

    We would appreciate any suggestions or comments

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