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We have an exchange with Ravensburg,
a town in Baden-Würtemberg, Germany.

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stay in Ravensburg in December 2002,
and their stay  in Mollet in May 2003

Who We are

I am an EFL teacher at IES Vicenç Plantada , a secondary school in Mollet del Vallès , a little industrial town in the outskirts of Barcelona, behind the coastal range, and by the Bessós river . Our Department of English covers the curriculum for secondary school in first, second, third and fourth years of "ESO", Compulsory Secondary Education, (k 7-10 ),  as well as higher secondary, "Batxillerat" (k 11-12 ). Even if we don't like the word "compulsory" ("obligatòria"), then there's not much we can do about it, either. For those teachers who may be interested in our methodological approach, I've written a paper on the situation of EFL research, and some ideas on the teaching of English, basically on how to manage the treatment of diversity, but by now it's only in Catalan "Ús d' Estratègies de Joint Construction a EFL ". This will be a changing text, and it might be different the next time you browse these pages, but I'm definitely advocating the use of Joint Construction Strategies, a term which I've taken from several Code Theorists. Below there's a short summary of the activities in which we make use of these strategies.
Short Video Films

Since we produced an adaptation of the film Casablanca in the school-year 1991-92, we have shot many short films on video . In these last years we have accumulated many films.  You can read short summaries and see some pictures, and you can also read some of the most recent scripts. Lately, we've added video images in Real Audio files. There are also some guidelines to develop the activity and if you want to read more on the subject there's  a  contribution for Greta magazine and another article published by TESOL Video Interest Section .

Other Projects

You can also see some fictional travelogues made by students and the guidelines to develop the activity. Our pupils have also developed a teenage magazine, Little Big World ,  and a Guide of Mollet , our town, where you can see pictures and get some information about the neighbourhoods where our pupils live. Finally, our most recent activity is our collection of Audio Tales , done by our young 2nd ESO (k8) pupils. Part of this site is designed and redesigned by me, but lately it's our pupils who are getting engaged in its development, mostly using manual html language and common web editors.

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