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The following is a list of all the short films on video which we have produced since 1992 up to now. You can see some pictures   and you can also read some of the scripts (since 97), whose writing generally takes most of the time.  You can also play some scenes in Real Audio files. You'll need RealPlayer, of which you can download a basic version, free, from Real Media . If any teachers are interested in how we do this, you can take a look at some short guidelines . Making these films was just great fun, and a wonderful opportunity to develop output skills and improve pronunciation. Although the kids often end up putting in a lot of murders, and morbid settings and dialogues, writing of the script and shooting schedules are always peaceful and enjoyable gatherings. I truly believe that fiction has a curative effect, though most of us are only allowed to witness the demiurgic power of professional artists, and have hardly any chance at all to develop our own personal needs to enact other selves than ourselves. If you want to read more on the subject there's an article published in Greta and another contribution for TESOL video interest magazine. I consider the Joint Construction strategy used in developing the activity a very interesting way of dealing with some of the problems EFL teachers face. There's a contribution in Catalan , for those who may be interested in a rationale.
Our Department of Education  has a good page on the use of video for educative purposes, Fem vídeo.

School Year
Class Group
Title and link to pictures
Summary and link to script
92-93 3A BUP School Violence Conflict between teachers and students. Comedy.
92-93 3A BUP Playing Truant One by one several groups of students decide to play truant. Finally the teacher finds no students at all.
92-93 3B BUP Punishment A group of very undisciplined teenagers are punished and made to stay at school for a weekend.
92-93 3B BUP Alien A student falls asleep in the video room while watching Alien. She wakes up on a spaceship.
92-93 3D BUP Break Time Situations of students and teachers during break time at school.
92-93 3D BUP Love & Hate For their own satisfaction, two girls plan a date between two teachers. Complex plot.
92-93 3E BUP Examinations and Toilets  During examinations, two pairs of students ask the teacher to let them go to the toilets.
92-93 3E BUP School Party Students decide to give a party. The planning is important. Fun and music.
93-94 3B BUP A Night at the Graveyard Teenagers playing truant in a graveyard, hobbos, guards and a family at a burial. Comedy.
93-94 3B BUP Fatal Story A feud between two families leads to a fatal end.
93-94 3D BUP Bites in the Dark Dracula has settled in a secondary school. An employee has become his hunchback. Comedy.
93-94 3D BUP The Three Witches Three new very special classmates show up in school. They start playing tricks on everybody
94-95 3B BUP The Neighbours' New Cadillac Portray of three families living in the same block. One of the families buy a new car, a Cadillac.
94-95 3B BUP Money, Daddy Some teenagers are giving a party and share their expenses. One of them doesn't get money from dad.
94-95 3C BUP The Christmas' Turkey Some kids play a joke on their parents by putting a firecracker inside the Christmas' turkey.
94-95 3C BUP The Burglary A granny reduces two burglars and has them arrested while her family watch tv without noticing.
94-95 3D BUP I Want My Mommy Back An adopted child wants to find her real mother.
95-96 3A BUP The Red Ribbons By becoming member of a gang, a boy tries to find out who is to blame for the murder of his friend.
95-96 3A BUP Politicians Gathering of politicians at a party. Drug dealers, jealousy and murders in a finally absurd nonsense.
95-96 3B BUP The Kid-Nap A jealous sister hires three clumsy offenders to kidnap nephew and niece, but it doesn't work out.
95-96 3B BUP The Bank Robbery Three bank robbers end up holding up some staff and customers and start negotiating with the police.
95-96 3C BUP Like Father,Like Daughter A psychologically unstable girl finds about her unknown father, whom she helps escape from prison.
95-96 3C BUP The Hold-Up Some terrorists get into a school and retain a group of kids. The shiest girl becomes the hero. Comedy.
Hell or Heaven
Two brothers,"good" and "bad", are sent home by the school principal. One of them decides to run away. script
97-98  3CD ESO
The Butcher
An old butcher tells about his murders. As a young boy he had seen his father kill his mother. script
False Witness
A new pupil shows up at school. She is accused of stealing the money for a school trip. script
Someone New at School
Some pupils find out there are poltergeists at school but the teachers do not believe them. script
00-01  4AB ESO
Your Price ?
A rich and popular boy in a summer school wonders whether his friends are really his friends and decides to find out. script

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