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What's Your Price ? / 4 ESO AB / 2000-01  script

In his summer school Kevin is the most popular boy     Real Audio file
In the school library everybody wants to be with him, and punish his enemies.     Real Audio file
Everywhere there's talk about that     Real Audio file
Kevin has doubts about their friendship, so he decides to say he's poor.     Real Audio file
Some of the pupils start showing their dislike for Kevin     Real Audio file
and soon everybody knows all about it     Real Audio file
In the end all his old friends turn their back on him,
except for David, who manifests he likes Kevin's money     Real Audio file

Someone New at School / 3 ESO CDE / 1999-00  script

Some students meet just before school time
They greet their teachers while one of them is in the toilets.
The girl in the toilets goes mad when she sees a message written in blood on the mirror
Her schoolmates think there are poltergeists at school.
The headmaster and one of the teachers question the frightened girl
They decide to investigate
and come in the evening when the school is closing
to record some poltergeist sounds.
Poltergeists make a teacher go mad while she is at the xerox machine
and she runs off and has a fatal accident.
The pupils tell one of their teachers but
the poltergeists get hold of him ,too.

False Witness / 4 ESO CDE / 1998-99 script

A school group taking a test
A new classmate has some very nasty friends


Hell or Heaven / 3 ESO AB / 1997-98 script

Two twin brothers fight at school and are sent to the principal
Daddy punishes a bad son who didn't behave at school
The kid runs away. His brother tells him not to do so
While somebody else is shopping in a supermarket...
the kids try to steal some food and drink
The kids become squatters
His school friends decide to look for them
When they find them in a house, they spy them
Another group of friends try to get help from a teacher
Those that spy the kids find out they are planning to rob the supermarket
They all meet to devise a plan to avoid the robbery
The teacher and her sister, a police officer, warn the supermarket staff
The "bad" kids, wearing masks, try to rob the supermarket
Unfortunately, the police have to shoot


The Butcher / 3 ESO CD / 1997-98 script

The butcher as an old man tells the nurse about his past.
First he recalls the day his dad, a butcher as well, killed his mom.
Then he tells the nurse about his own criminal record as a butcher.
The butcher's first victim
The butcher's second victim
At home, the butcher's wife tells the son to stop playing on the computer
A Salesman tells the butcher's wife about her husband's affair with the employee
The first victim's pregnant wife calls the police to report his disappearance
The police start moving
Before his tragic end, the third victim has an argument with the butcher
The butcher's wife and her son find out about the murders
Warned by a passer-by, the police arrest the mad butcher


The Red Ribbons / 3A BUP /1995-96

The uniformed members of the gang


Politicians / 3A BUP 1995-96

The party becomes tired and can't think


The Kid-Nap / 3B BUP / 1995-96

The police are warned about the kidnapping of the two children
The kids escape from their clumsy kidnappers


The Bank Robbery / 3B BUP / 1995-96

The bank staff and their customers hands up


Like Father, Like Daughter / 3C BUP /1995-96

The troublesome daughter with her foster parents at her birthday party


The Hold-up / 3C BUP / 1995-96

The school students have fun with the terrorists


The Christmas' Turkey / 3C BUP / 1994-95

Finally, the firecracker worked !


The Burglary / 3C BUP / 1994-95

Granny reduces the two thieves and calls the police


A Night at the Graveyard / 3B BUP / 1993-94

The corpse tries to persuade his relatives to bury him properly


Bites in the Dark / 3D BUP / 1993-94

You can't laugh at Dracula and get away with it.


Punishment / 3B BUP / 1992-93

A group of rebels having fun in their classroom


Alien / 3B BUP / 1992-93

The ugly creature in action


The School Party / 3E BUP / 1992-93

Everybody ends up dancing

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