In Plana Lledó there are many schools where people learn. There is also a new park where people talk to friends and some banks where people get money. There is an old farm in Passatge Benavente where people buy milk, and a cementery in Avinguda del park where people visit the dead. There is also a football pitch in Avinguda Lourdes where people play football and some squares where people talk to friends. There is a small chemist's in Cervantes street where people buy medicines and a sports pavilion in Ferrocarril street where people play basketball. There are many swimming-pools where people swim and there is a church in Cristobal Colon street where people pray. There is a supermarket in Sant Andreu street where people buy food.

Some sites in our neighbourhood:

the football pitch
the cementery
the park square
 Plana Lledó Park
the group
Our alien's name is Four. He comes from Neptune. Four is 2 foot tall and he weighs 170 pounds. He's very fat. He has got dark brown hair and he has got light blue eyes. He has got five legs and six arms. He hasn't got ears. The head and nose are round. The mouth is small and green and the fingers are very long and square. The body is white. Four is slow and very clumsy. He is shy, sad and clumsy but he is intelligent.

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