An amazing football season
by Maite C, Aitor C, Miguel Angel C, Cristian M, Sergio D and Sergio O
This year soccer has affected our country.  For the first time Deportivo de la Coruña won the Spanish league in their one hundred years of history.  That has been a good news because the league needs other winners appart from Barcelona and Real Madrid.  Atletico de Madrid, Sevilla and Betis went to Second Division and their supporters weren´t happy.  This league had an exiciting end: Anelka, who didn´t do anything before, finally scored some important goals for his team, Real Madrid.  Also, in the last league match the team that was third could win if the first team and the second lost and the third won.
    In this league we have also young promises, like Arnau, Casillas, Puyol and some others that in the future will be our Spanish team.
    In the Copa del Rey, Atl. de Madrid and Espanyol played the final match; and Espanyol did what was neccessary to beat Atl. de Madrid.  In the semifinals Barcelona was eliminated of this competition when they didn´t play a match because they had only ten players and the rules didn´t let teams get more than three players from the junior teams.
    In the Champions League the final match was only our country´s issue:  Madrid and Valencia played for the championship.  Valencia didn´t show much  in the field and Madrid won.  It was like a friendly match where the two teams didn´t show much.
    In competitions like the Champions League or Copa del Rey players should play with more sportive spirit, though they shouldn´t play with dirty tricks.  If a team wins a competition, this team has  more rewards and will get more popularity among their supporters.  Players, or rather the whole club, want to win matches and rewards but the most important and interesting thing for all or almost all supporters is that players play fair.  

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