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Are we right?

Carlos and Julio / Miriam

Dear friends:

We have received your work, we have liked it and we have learned many things about Cyprus. To start with, we didn't know that Cyprus was an island.

Some things that we have learned are:

Cyprus is located to east of the Mediterranean Sea.

We didn't know that Cyprus was divided in two parts. One part belonging to Turkey, which speaks Turkish and the other part which is an independent country, which speaks Greek.

The capital of Cyprus is Nicosia and we have liked it very much.

Your flag has seemed original to us. We liked the symbol of the branch of olive tree and the silhouette of the country.

The currency of Cyprus is the Cyprus pound.

The president of Cyprus is Tassos Papadoulos.

The goddess of the love and the beauty of the Greek mythology was born in Cyprus.

We have liked very much the picture "the birth of Venus" that was painted by Botticelli

The typical products are oranges and olives.

The most important mountains are the Troodos Mountains.

The food symbol is holloumi.

Cyprus has many beautiful beaches.

Carlos and Julio

Cyprus is a republic and the third largest island in the Mediterranean sea. It is located to the west of Syria and to the south of Turkey

The island has a maximum length of 225 kms from the Andreas end in the north east, to the western extreme of the island. Nicosia is Cyprus capital and the largest city.

From 1974 the north of Cyprus has been occupied by Turkish troops.

Cyprus has an irregular form and does not have rivers

Cyprus has a typical Mediterranean climate, with warm and dry summers.

The average annual temperature is 20ºC. The annual rainfall is below 500 mm

Forests cover 12,7% of the surface of the island

Trees that abound are: pines, cypresses, cedars, oaks and eucaliptus.

Cyprus has few wild animals.

In Cyprus there are various kinds of birds: Partridges, snipes, quails, woodcocks and plovers.

Greek and Turkish are the official languages that are taught at schools. English is used in the main cities.

Cypriots that speak Greek form 80% of the population.

About 18% of the population is of Turkish origin, and the rest are Armenians and other ethnic groups.

Cyprus economy is agricultural

The currency in Cyprus is the Cyprus pound.