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Narrative of the Surveying Voyages of Her Majesty's Ship «Ad­venture» and «Beagle» between the years 1826 and 1836, des­cribing their examination of the Southern shores of South America, and the «Beagle's» circumnavigation of the globe. Vol. III. «Journal and Remarks», 1832-1836. Per Charles Darwin. Londres, 1839.

Journal of Researches into the Natural History and Geology of the countries visited during the Voyage of H. M. S. «Beagle» round the world, under the command of Capt. Fitz-Roy, R. N. 2ª ed., corregida i augmentada. Londres, 1845.  (Colonial and Home Library.)

 Voyage of H. M. S. «Beagle». Editada i super­visada per Charles Charles Darwin.

- Part I: Fossil Mammalia, by Richard Owen. With a Geo­logical Introduction, by Charles Darwin. Londres, 1840.

- Part II: Mammalia, by George Waterhouse. With a notice of their habits and ranges, by Charles Darwin. Londres, 1839.

- Part III: Birds, per John Gould. Londres, 1841.

- Part IV: Fich, per Leonard Jenyns. Londres, 1842.

Part V: Reptiles, per Thomas Bell. Londres, 1843.

The Structure and Distribution of Coral Reefs. Londres 1842.  [2ª edic. Londres, 1874.]

Geological Observations on the Volcanic Islands, visited during
the Voyage of H. M. S. «Beagle». Londres, 1844. [2ª edic. Londres, 1876.]

Geological Observations on South America. Londres, 1846.

A Monograph of the Fossil Lepadidae; or, Pedunculated Cirripe­des of Great Britain. Londres, 1851.

A Monograph of the Sub-class Cirripedia, with Figures of all the Species. The Lepadidae; or, Pedunculated Cirripedes. Londres, 1851.

 The Balanidae, or Sessile Cirripedes; the Verrucidae etc. Londres, 1854.

A Monograph of the Fossil Balanidae and Verrucidae of Great Britain. Londres, 1854.

On the Origin of Species by mean of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Lite. Lon­dres, 1859. [Edicions en vida de Darwin: 1860,  1861, 1866, 1869 i 1872]

On the Various Contrivances by which Orchids are fertilised by Insects.
Londres, 1862. [2ª edic, 1877]

The Movements and Habits of Climbing Plants. Londres, 1867. [2ª edic, 1875]

The Variation of Animals and Plants under Domestication. Londres, 1868. [2ª edic, 1875]

The Descent of Man and Selection in Relation to Sex. Londres, 1871.
[2ª edic, 1874]

The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals. Londres, 1872.

Insectivorous Plants. Londres, 1875.

The Effects of Cross and Self Fertilisation in the Vegetable King­dom. Londres, 1876. [2ª edic, 1878]

The different Forms of Flowers on Plants of the same Species. Londres, 1877. [2ª edic, 1880]

The Power of Movement in Plants. (Amb la col·laboració de Francis Darwin). Londres, 1880.

The Formation of Vegetable Mould, through the Action of Worms,
wíth Observations on their Habits. Londres, 1881.

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