Alterman Conference on Geometric Algebra
 and Summer School on Kähler Calculus

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August 1st- 9th 2016             Brasov (Romania)



How to arrive in Brasov.

  • From worldwide: You must fly to the Henry Coanda International Airport in Otopeni near Bucharest (code OTP). There you can take a minibus (see timetables) towards Brasov that costs 70 lei (17), or a train first to Bucharest and then another one to Brasov that cost 20.

  • From Turkey or Bulgaria: You can take the Bosfor Express train (tickets to be bought in Deutsche Bahn) from Istanbul towards Bucharest. Then, in the Bucharest railway station you can change for a train towards Brasov.

  • From countries in Central Europe (Austria, Hungary, Serbia, Moldava, Ucraine):  By train. See train timetables.

  • From outside Europe: You must fly to a hub airport such as London, Amsterdam, Paris, FrankfurtBarcelonaIstanbul or Moscow and then you can take a cheap flight from some lowcost company with headquarters in this hub (for instance Vueling from Barcelona). The international flying company may also offer you to travel up to Bucharest, but the flight always has a stop in an European hub.  The advantage to fly with the same company is that the second flight will always wait for the arrival of passengers of the first flight even if it has delay. The inconvenience could be the price. 

How to move in Brasov:

  • Taxis are cheap in Brasov (1.59 lei/km approx. 0.35 /km), and the travels are short. 

  • From the railway station, take the bus nr. 4 to arrive at the venue of the conference. 





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Black church Brasov Council Square (Marktplatz) Bran casttle Wagner house in the Marktplatz