Alterman Conference on Geometric Algebra
 and Summer School on Kähler Calculus

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August 1st- 9th 2016             Brasov (Romania)


The Conference

The Alterman Conference is devoted to Geometric Algebra including Clifford Algebra but also Grassmann exterior algebra, exterior calculus, Kähler calculus and Kähler manifolds. See the full list of topics.  If you wish to present a talk or a poster, please send us your abstract. Download the template for abstracts from the submission page.

The conference will take place on August 4th to 6th. At the same time there will be short sessions of the second part of the Summer School on Kähler calculus (see the schedule).

Download the booklet of abstracts (final version) here.

Download the timetable of the Conference here.

Special topic

• Grassmann's legacy with emphasis on the projective geometry:

Jose Vargas: Grassmannian algebras and the Erlangen Program, with emphasis on projective geometry (And a few introductory pages).

Ramon González: The affine and projective geometries from Grassmann's point of view.

Paolo Freguglia: Peano reader of H. Grassmann's Ausdehnungslehre.

Oliver Conradt: Projective, Clifford and Grassmann algebras as double and complementary graded algebras.

Oliver Conradt: Projective geometry with projective algebra.



Nikolay Marchuk: Tensor products of Clifford algebras.

Vladimir Dzhunushaliev: The simplest non-associative generalization of supersymmetry.

Rafal Ablamowicz: On Clifford algebras and related to them finite groups and group algebras.

Dmitriy Shirokov: On some Lie groups containing Spin groups in Clifford algebra.

Ramon González: On matrix representations of geometric algebras.

Vadiraja G. R. Bhatta, Shankar B. R.: Polynomial permutations of finite rings and formation of Latin squares.

Zouhaïr Mouayn: Coherent states and Berezin transforms attached to Landau levels.

Srikanth Prabhu, Kavya Singh, Aniket Sagar: Facial Recognition using Modern Algebra and Machine Learning.

Bieber Marie, Kuncham Syam Prasad, Kedukodi Babushri Srinivas: Scaled planar nearrings.

Dimiter Prodanov: Clifford algebra implementations in Maxima.

Akifumi Sako, Hiroshi Umetsu: Fock representations and deformation quantization of Kähler manifolds.

Rodolfo Fiorini: Geometric algebra and geometric calculus applied to pre-spatial arithmetic scheme to enhance modeling effectiveness in biophysical applications.

Pierre-Philippe Dechant: A systematic construction of representations of quaternionic type.

Pierre-Philippe Dechant: A conformal geometric algebra construction of the modular group.

Kuncham Syam Prasad, Kedukodi Babushri Srinivas and Bhavanari Satyanarayana: Ideals in matrix nearrings and group nearrings.

Zbigniew Oziewicz: Foundational issues related to the contents of this conference and summer school.

Jaroslav Hrdina: Inverse kinematics based on binocular vision.

Panackal Harikrishnan, Bernardo Lafuerza, K.T. Ravindran: Linear 2-normed spaces and 2-Banach algebras.

Danail Brezov, Petko Nikolov: Higher dimensional representations of SL2 and its real forms via Plücker embedding.

Jose Vargas: What the Kähler Calculus can do that other calculi cannot (And a few introductory pages).



Naser Zamani: Generalized local cohomology over graded rings with semilocal base rings.






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