Anna Esteban, Llicència d'estudis a St Helens, 2005-06

1. Introduction
2. Working in St Helens, England

3. Lesson Plans
      3.1 Methodology
3.2 English into art classes
      3.3 Objectives     
      3.4 Evaluation    
      3.5 Units
4. Conclusions
5. Bibliography
6. Resources


It's the basic way to express with colour.
Painting is an essential activity in developing children's art.
Colour is a vital part of our everyday lives. It helps us to describe who we are and how we feel. It attracts our attention and gives out information.


  • To analyse the elements of the work and their relationship
  • To relate shape and colour
  • To explore colour by developing paintings
  • To develope the ability to use colour in design

Activities :

      1. Working in the Style of another Artist
      2. Poetry and Paul Klee
      3. Monet's Corner