Anna Esteban, Llicència d'estudis a St Helens, 2005-06

1. Introduction
2. Working in St Helens, England

3. Lesson Plans
      3.1 Methodology
3.2 English into art classes
      3.3 Objectives     
      3.4 Evaluation    
      3.5 Units
4. Conclusions
5. Bibliography
6. Resources


There are many ways in which to print pictures: linocuts, woodcuts, vegetables prints, etching and engraving are all made by cutting into hard materials to leave raised areas.
The surface is coated with ink and pressed on to paper to make a print.


  • To select and organise shapes to make patterns through printing processes
  • To develop the ability to select, arrange and organise pattern.


1. Printing with clay
2. Marbling