Anna Esteban, Llicència d'estudis a St Helens, 2005-06

1. Introduction
2. Working in St Helens, England

3. Lesson Plans
      3.1 Methodology
3.2 English into art classes
      3.3 Objectives     
      3.4 Evaluation    
      3.5 Units
4. Conclusions
5. Bibliography
6. Resources


It is a three-dimensional procedure. Students will construct through the line, surface and compact. They can see the work of local sculptors and about different kinds of sculptures.


  • To develop their understanding of shape, form, texture and the sensory qualities of materials.
  • To learn skills for arranging materials and manipulate malleable materials.
  • To learn about the work of sculptors and about different kind of sculpture.
  • To be able to express personal views using 3D material.
  • To understand some of the basic properties of clay.


1. Surreal animals
2. Working with wire, Modroc and foil.